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     Some of the programs that we have written:

File Size:130 KB
Description: Address Book is a simple utility that saves names and addresses. To delete entries, simply select the name you want to delete and press the [Delete] key.
Author:Thomas Knowlton

File Size:119 KB
Description: Days Passed is a simple utility that displays the current date and number of days that have passed since the beginning of the year (including the current day).
Author:Thomas Knowlton

File Size:112 KB
Description: QuickRun enables you to call commonly used applications, files, directories and web pages by assigning them a shorcut name. For instance, if I were to assign the name 'FTP' to my FTP program, I would simply type 'FTP' into the QuickRun window or select it from the list. I would then click on 'GO' and the program would open. You can also type in the full path of a desired file or web page and QuickRun will open it much the same that the Windows Run under the Start Menu will.
Author:Nathan Lebovic

File Size:1.37 MB
Description:Enables web authors to promote their site(s) quickly and efficiently. Web-N-Force automatically fills in fields on search engines' submission page using the information that you type into the subimssion file. You can edit fields before submitting, giving you flexibily and accuracy. The internal browser lets you submit to search engines without leaving the program's window. Logs are also included to record all important information. **NOTE** This program displays ads. This is not normal for the programs that we create, but this is not a program that was created upon user request. We would never create this program based on a user request - it is way too complex.
Author:Nathan Lebovic

File Size:188 KB
Description:Utility that shows your mouse cursor's coordinates. The window that displays the coordinates will always stay on top of other windows, so you can always see the information.
Author:Nathan Lebovic

Name:Web Submit
File Size:205 KB
Description:Have you ever had to submit a URL to search engines? If so, you know how painful it is to write out all of the info each time. Even cutting and pasting takes a while. Web Submit does the job for you. Although Web Submit doesn't do anything fancy, it saves you a lot of time. You can save Submission Lists, which include the URL, title, description, keywords, etc. Then you can copy each field easily by the push of a button!
Author:Nathan Lebovic

File Size:228 KB
Description:Very simply, it tells you information about the selected disk drive. Total space, free space, percentage free etc.
Author:Nathan Lebovic

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